The Northeast Corridor

    The Northeast United States is home to one of the great rail corridors of the world – the Northeast Corridor (NEC) – an unmatched asset that connects people and businesses from Boston to New York to Washington, DC.

    Amtrak 2124  Passes MARC inbound

    Amtrak Acela 2124 passess MARC inbound at Perryville, MD.
    Photo: T.J. Van Haag via flickr. Copyright T.J. Van Haag. All rights reserved.

    A Shared Transportation Asset

    The NEC Main Line runs through eight states and Washington, DC. The Corridor supports eight commuter railroads, four freight railroads, and Amtrak. Each day the NEC carries 750,000 trips—almost one-half of all passenger rail trips nationwide.

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    A Vital Economic Asset

    The NEC rail network is an engine of economy activity for the United States that brings workers to jobs, business to clients, goods to market, and people to their friends and family.

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    An Aging Asset in Need of Investment

    The NEC faces major challenges in order to meet the region’s growing demand for fast and reliable rail service. Crucial segments of the NEC are at or near full capacity and key assets are in need of major repairs. The Corridor’s most heavily trafficked bridges and tunnels are over a century old and parts of its electrical and signal systems date back to the 1930s. These aging assets are prone to unexpected failures that disrupt service and create delays for riders.

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