Connecting Residents to their Jobs

The Northeast Corridor is shared by eight commuter railroads and Amtrak, whose trains provide Americans with access to jobs and business opportunities and help power the U.S. economy. The NEC moves a workforce that contributes $50 billion annually to the American economy.

Seven million jobs are within five miles of an NEC station, almost one-third of all jobs in the NEC Region. The NEC expands the number of communities within reasonable commuting distance of these job centers with rail service that is often faster and more reliable over longer distances than automobiles. Increased job accessibility helps businesses by growing their pool of talented workers and allows families to choose from more communities in terms of affordability and lifestyle preferences. Amtrak intercity service plays a central role in traditional business and leisure travel, but also supports job accessibility in an era when more employers are becoming supportive of arrangements that combine travel with remote work, especially in the case of dual-career households.


Metro-North passengers at Stamford Station, Connecticut. Flickr, Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Kevin Ortiz, September 2013.