Increasing Global Competitiveness

The NEC makes the United States competitive in the global economy by attracting jobs to the Region’s cities and towns, helping bring American-made goods to international markets, and supporting the innovation and entrepreneurship that are powering America’s continued economic growth.

  • Strengthening our Cities and Towns: The NEC supports the economic vitality of the Region’s communities, both large and small. The areas surrounding the ten busiest NEC stations are home to 105 million square feet of real estate development - the equivalent of 50 Empire State Buildings.

  • Bringing American Goods to the Global Marketplace: The NEC plays an important role in supporting American exports bound for East Coast Ports. The NEC is a critical connection between Midwest manufacturing plants and global markets. Companies like Ford, John Deere, Mitsubshi, and Caterpillar in states like Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Kansas use the NEC to access ports in Baltimore and Wilmington and to export their products abroad.

  • Growing the Jobs of Tomorrow: The NEC supports knowledge industries, like technology, healthcare, and advanced research. Fifty-nine percent of all jobs within one mile of an NEC station are in the knowledge industries, compared to a U.S. average of 42%. In 2012, the NEC Region attracted 31 percent of all venture capital deals nationally, equal to Silicon Valley.


Inner Harbor, Baltimore, Maryland.
Flickr: Larry Eiring
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