Latest Reports and Plans

NEC Capital Investment Plan: Fiscal Years 2018-2022
Released May 4, 2017

The Northeast Corridor Capital Investment Plan documents the investments required over the next five years to reverse decades of deterioration and to modernize our shared national asset for future economic growth. The Plan combines anticipated investments based on available funding and resources with capital investments that could occur with additional funding to restore and improve the condition of the NEC.

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NEC Annual Report: Fiscal Year 2016
Released May 4, 2017

The Northeast Corridor Annual Report: Operations and Infrastructure for Fiscal Year 2016 documents the operational performance of NEC trains and the implementation of the capital program for federal fiscal year 2016. The NEC Annual Report also contains recommendations for improving planning for and reporting on capital projects.

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NEC One-Year Implementation Plan: Fiscal Year 2017
Released October 26, 2016

The Northeast Corridor One-Year Implementation Plan: Fiscal Year 2017 is a cross-agency record of the anticipated capital project activity along the Corridor in the upcoming federal fiscal year based on available capital funding. Learn more »

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Previous Reports and Plans

Capital Investment Plans:

The NEC Capital Investment Plan is a joint effort among eight states, the District of Columbia, the federal Department of Transportation, Amtrak, and commuter rail agencies to identify and integrate the infrastructure investments required on the NEC over the next five years.

Investing in the NEC: Advancing the American Economy
Released February 19, 2016.

This report illustrates how current and potential future levels of investment in the Northeast Corridor could shape the economy of the Northeast region and the nation. Learn more »

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NEC Intercity Travel Study
Released September 15, 2015

As part of its mission to implement a long-term regional investment strategy for the Northeast Corridor, the Northeast Corridor Commission is interested in all long-distance travel in the NEC Region. While the Commission enjoys access to quality data on rail and air travel, no such data has yet been available for automobile and intercity bus travel. To fill this data gap, RSG was commissioned to conduct separate studies of intercity automobile and bus travel around the NEC. Learn more »

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The NEC and the American Economy
Released April 7, 2014

The Northeast Corridor and the American Economy is a report from the Commission to Congress on the value of the NEC rail network to the NEC Region and the nation. It is the hope of the Commission that the information provided in this report is helpful to Congress and other stakeholders in understanding the many facets of the NEC’s role in the American economy and can inform future investment decisions. Learn more »

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Letter to U.S. House of Representatives (PDF) | Letter to U.S. Senate (PDF)

State of the NEC Region Transportation System
Released April 7, 2014

State of the Northeast Corridor Region Transportation System is a report that presents information on the current state of and future outlook for the Region’s multimodal passenger and freight transportation system. It draws on existing studies and databases to aggregate information at the level of the NEC Region. Learn more »

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Critical Infrastructure Needs on the Northeast Corridor
Released January 30, 2013

This report and its accompanying interactive map serve as an informational resource that describes the improvements needed to reduce delays, achieve a state-of-good-repair, and build capacity for growth on the NEC. Learn more »

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Letter to U.S. House of Representatives (PDF) | Letter to U.S. Senate (PDF)