Supporting New Ways of Doing Business in the Mid-Atlantic

Professional Services Firms — NEC Region

Some companies in the Northeast are improving the way they manage their businesses based on the availability of the NEC. M&T Bank senior executives cover larger geographies in the Mid-Atlantic. Executives based in Washington, D.C. or Baltimore are responsible for aspects of M&T’s operations in New Jersey and New York. If travel times on the NEC were to improve, M&T Bank indicated it could expand this approach. M&T Bank uses Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Wilmington as central meeting points for the organization more frequently, because of the convenience of NEC access.

Across the NEC Region, professional services firms are heavy users of the NEC. Global Strategy Group, a public affairs and communications company with offices in New York City and Washington, D.C., has staff traveling between the firm’s business locations and to pitch to new clients. If rail service were unavailable for a period of time, it would present a significant challenge for the company.

“We move resources all the time around the region and don’t even think about it today, and that is a total sea change for us as compared to 10 years ago.”

Hugh Mohler, Partner, KPMG LLC, Baltimore

“The corridor is a vital infrastructure for us to shuttle knowledge workers back and forth to key markets.”

Augie Chiasera, Senior Vice President, M&T Bank, Baltimore

M&T Bank uses Baltimore as a central meeting point more and more often, helped by the convenience of NEC access. Source: Larry Eiring.