Attracting Talent Key to Success

Alexion Pharmaceuticals — New Haven, CT

Commuting options provided by access to the NEC expand the scope of both housing and job location opportunities for workers in many fields. Rail allows firms to recruit from larger geographic areas and families to choose from more residential locations that fit budgetary needs and lifestyle preferences while maintaining access to central city employment opportunities.

Alexion Pharmaceuticals moved its offices from suburban Cheshire, Connecticut to New Haven, Connecticut because of the firm’s challenges in attracting and retaining talent.

Alexion Executive Vice President Steve Squinto indicated that Alexion lost a number of people, and was not able to attract other talented scientists it had offered jobs to, because of the lack of transportation options in Cheshire. In Alexion’s experience, it needed to be in an area that provided transportation options for the people it wanted to recruit, but that also allowed the spouses of recruits to find jobs.

In a smaller job market like New Haven, the spouses of Alexion’s employees often work in other cities in the Northeast Corridor and use local commuter rail to travel to jobs. If the spouse can’t find a job within commuting distance, Alexion is not able to recruit the talent it needs to be a successful company.

Rendering of Alexion’s offices in New Haven, Connecticut. Photo courtesy of Alexion Pharmaceuticals.